Weekend loan without UC: SMS loan with payment weekend – Saturday & Sunday

If you need to borrow money and get paid on the weekend, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, only sms and fast loans can be paid off during a weekend and not regular private loans. If you are then able to get a weekend payment on your sms loan, you and the lender must have a bank account with the same bank. A weekend loan is equivalent to a sms loan because you can get a loan despite payment note and without UC control. In addition, in order to get a loan paid off during a weekend or evening, the office must be open. Most lenders are open on weekdays from 10am to 1pm. 8am to 6pm but also until 10am. 9 pm. However, there are many lenders who also have processing times on weekends.


Apply for sms loan with payout weekend and evening

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Availability and technology are constantly improving and today it is possible to borrow money on the same day you receive the loan. Even if it is evening time, on a Saturday or Sunday you can get a sms loan granted. The most important thing is to check that you also have the same bank as the lender. Otherwise, you cannot make a payment directly to the account during the weekend. You must also ensure that you have a BankID that is linked to a Swedish subscription that is in your name. Before submitting your application, you must also check the lender’s opening hours. With most lenders, it is easy to see what time you will have to apply most recently to receive a payout on the same day.


SMS loans with payment on Saturdays and Sundays with Money-Goodly

SMS loans with payment on Saturdays and Sundays with Trustly

For sms loans with payment on Saturdays and Sundays, you should think about customer service opening hours at the lender. However, there are now also Money-Goodly loans that allow you to get weekend payouts directly on Saturdays, Sundays and even during nights. Money-Goodly is a payment solution that allows you to take a sms loan over the weekend and get the loan quickly paid off to the account regardless of opening hours. The technology is fast, secure and simple and lets you borrow money around the clock easily with the help of BankID.


Good to think about on a weekend loan – effective interest rate, maturity and amount

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The amount you can borrow from a weekend loan can be from $ 500 up to $ 50,000 at most. Most lenders offer sms loans with a maximum term of 3 months. But it can also vary between 14 days up to 3 years.

The effective interest rate is sometimes higher on a weekend loan than if you take a regular loan. It can also be very expensive if you miss a deposit on a sms loan. Therefore, it is important that you follow your payment plan and pay the invoice as quickly as possible. As a rule, the interest rate becomes lower the shorter the maturity (repayment period).


Benefits of borrowing money on the weekend

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There are a lot of benefits to borrowing money on the weekend instead of waiting for the next banking day. The first advantage is that you have the opportunity to have the money paid directly into the account even on Saturday and Sunday. Another benefit of fast-paced loans over the weekend is that you can borrow money quickly without UC. Your third advantage with weekend loans is that the application process is simple and smooth. Finally, you also have the opportunity to borrow even though you have payment notes. The good thing about all lenders offering sms loans over the weekend is that they usually have lower requirements and grant most loans among competitors.


Weekend loan without UC – Creditsafe for quickly getting sms loans paid off at the weekend

Weekend loan without UC - Creditsafe for quickly getting sms loans paid off at the weekend

The majority of lenders offering weekend payouts are without UC. In most cases, the lenders using Creditsafe have an automatic process for you to get your loan paid off at the weekend. When applying, you first use BankID. You will then receive a direct and finally a lightning-fast payment to the account. It is convenient if you need to borrow $1000 quickly, which is a popular sum during weekends.


Summary for those who want to take a sms loan on a weekend

If you are in urgent need of money on a Saturday or Sunday, you must check the lender’s opening hours on the weekend and if you and the lender have bank accounts with the same bank, which allows a direct transfer. You also have the option of weekend payouts directly through Money-Goodly, but this only applies to selected lenders. The majority of lenders that offer you to take a quick loan with payout over the weekend are without UC. They use alternative credit reporting agencies to approve your weekend loan and pay off the loan immediately, regardless of time of day.

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